Sunday, June 2, 2013

Easiest Homemade Waffles

Recently, my mother in law bought my son a box of waffles from the grocery store.  As much as my son loved the waffles and it was easy to pop half of one in a toaster every day, I didn't like the long unknown names of the mystery ingredients that were in them and then there is the cost of buying store bought waffles.  So that's when I pleaded with my husband to let me buy a new waffle maker (we already own a belgain waffle maker, but my son likes thin crispy waffles).  After much searching we found Chef's Choice Waffle Pro Express Model 840.  Today was the first day I used it.  I used the basic wheat flour recipe in the instruction book and it made 8 whole waffles.  My son had 2 of the hearts and I ate a whole one of course!  I broke the rest into 2 hearts to freeze.  I placed wax paper in between each layer and placed inside a freezable bag.  I'm hoping that I can just pull two hearts out each day and pop them into the toaster for a fresh homemade waffle taste every day.  This waffle maker was so easy to use and let's you choose settings for how fluffy the inside is and how crisp the outside is.  For a stay at home mom who never seems to have enough time, but always has the best intentions for her son, this was the best sollution.  So if you're looking for a waffle maker this is the one to buy. 
On a side note I was not paid to endorse this product...I'm just a mom who is happy with her purchase and I love to share a good deal. 

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