Monday, June 3, 2013

My Small Space Herb Garden

Ok so here is the deal.  Every April is clean out my spice cabinet time of the year.  I learned from watching "The Chew" that you are supposed to date your dried spices at the time you purchase them and throw them out after one year.  I can't tell you how many spices I waste.  Don't get me wrong I use a lot of spices, but some of the more unusal ones like Tarragon and Sage and Marjoram I don't use as often.  Others I go through so quickly I might as well own stock in them.  That's when I decided it was time to plant an herb garden.  One that would fit in our small space (we live in a town house), and one that I could bring inside in the winter so that I'm not losing all my efforts from the summer. 

So Pinterest searching I went.  I needed some inspiration.  That's when I came across this site which used a trellis as the anchor for their herb garden. 

Then it was off to Lowe's we went.  We found lots of trellis's.  Free standing ones, ones you can hang, ones that you anchor into the ground, wood ones and even metal ones!  Together my husband and I decided we would do a free standing one so that I could bring the garden inside in the winter.  Fresh herbs year round...why not!?  Some "S" hooks and tin cans later and we had the start of our project.  We did purchase the tin cans from ACMOORE.  They were half off and the perfect size for the opening of each row on the trellis (I will let you know if the tin cans was a good idea.  A good friend just informed me the tin might get really hot and dry out the herbs). 

My husband and I also sat out on the deck last night (until it started raining) and we painted the names of each herb on the tin cans with acrylic paint.  You could use chalk board paint for a differnt look. 

Take a look!

I need to buy some more herbs from our local farmers markets, but I'm very excited at the progress so far!  Yeah for home ground herbs!  The total for this project was $20.00 trellis, $15.00 for tin cans, $6.00 for "S" hooks, I had oregano and basil, I purchased parsley and thyme for $5.00 total at the farmers market.  That brings the total to $46.00 so far.  Not to shabby!  And I hopefully won't have to buy many store bought herbs ever again!  Yeah!
Hope this craft project brings you some inspiration!

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