Monday, July 15, 2013

A long over due posting

So previously I posted on the changes to come in the way I eat and live my life.  Because these changes have been a lot to adjust too, accompanied by a two week vacation, I've been delayed in posting.  No worries though!  I have a wealth of info, health and recipes to share.  Yes I am (other then the random headache today) feeling 100% better. 

After numerous visits to Wegmans, our local Giant grocery store, my local Orchard which I am now in love with, and our local farmers markets I can positively say my freezer is full of organic or locally grown fruits and veggies so that my family and I can enjoy them all winter long and my cabinets are full of natural and organic flours, grains, snacks and much more!

I'm also drug free.  Yes no more asthma meds, allergy meds, nada!  The money I'm saving by not refilling these will go towards investing in more kitchen gadgets and more organic fruits and veggies :) 

So although this diet (Dr. Buchholz's and the Battling the MSG Myth diet) might not be for you, it was for me.  It saved my life and prevented me from having a major surgery that would have been unnecessary. 

From here on out all of my recipes will be MSG free and free of anything that would cause a migraine according to the Dr. Buchholz's preventative diet.  I will name drop a lot of the brand names I use for flours and grains and what not because it took a lot of time and energy to find ones that were "safe".  I am in no way getting paid by any of these companies.  Just saving a fellow sufferer the time and headache.  I am also not a doctor so if you are more sensitive to certain triggers then me please note that I avoid the triggers listed in Dr. Buchholz's diet in addition to most of the triggers listed in the MSG Myth book and your doctor may have you avoid different ones.  Please feel free to comment at any time if you have questions.

I will start by posting some of the basic recipes I started with and will then get into the fancy ones I've now come to love!  Happy cooking!

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