Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Caterpillar Cupcakes

Awhile back someone my mother-in-law works with asked me to make caterpillar themed cupcakes for her daughter's baby shower.  Making a tasty cupcake was no problem, but decorating and making a beautiful caterpillar cupcake on the other hand would be challenging...or so I thought.  Coming up with the concept was harder then putting it all together.  I googled caterpillar cupcake ideas and came up with nothing...well accept people lining cupcakes up in a line and icing them in different colors and making a head out of fondant on the first cupcake.  Not exactly what I was looking for.  So that's when I thought I would try out some fondant.  So I bought baby pink and baby green fondant.  I took a hunk of fondant and started rolling balls.  I used three balls for the body and one for the head.  Because the caterpillar would be anchored on the icing I didn't need to worry about gluing the fondant balls together.  For the head I placed a ball the same size as the rest of the balls directly on top of the first ball.  You can use a little bit of buttercream icing to hold the head in place or you can use a tiny bit of gum glue (take a pea size amount of gum paste and dissolve it in about 1 tablespoon of warm water).  This will hold fondant pieces together.  I then took candy eyeballs and glued them on with a touch of butter cream icing.  Lastly I took a flower stamen and cut it down and made two antennae for each caterpillar.  I made half the caterpillars pink and half green.  Then I iced the cupcakes the same way, half green and half pink with wilton's buttercream recipe that I previously posted.  I made my favorite chocolate cake recipe for the chocolate cupcakes...not my recipe but it's delicious and half white cupcakes...again not my recipe.  Then I put them all together on my cupcake stand and I think they turned out pretty nice looking. 

Although some of the design showed through for the cupcake liners I still recommend using glassine or grease-free cupcake liners so that your design is guaranteed to show up.  These cupcakes were made in standard size cupcake liners. 
I hope this post gets your creative juices flowing for your next baby shower or kids birthday.  Enjoy!

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