Monday, April 15, 2013

The Best Chicken Sandwich and Coleslaw

I'm not from the South, but I do love me a fried chicken sandwich.  I'm not so big into coleslaw though.  Especially ones drenched in mayo.  However, I saw this recipe for Bakesale Betty's Buttermilk Fried Chicken on The Chew a few months back and I just had to try it.  And I'm trying to get better at trying things as they were made (with only a few adaptations of course!).  So I made Bakesale Betty's Buttermilk Fried Chicken, but I made it with Emeril Lagasse's homemade buttermilk recipe (as posted in previous post).  It's so simple to make people!  And why go out and buy something you don't keep around the house for everyday use anyway.  As for the coleslaw here is where I made a couple minor adaptations.  I used white wine vinegar instead of red wine vinegar, which gives me a headache, and I used dried parsley instead of fresh (just because I didn't have fresh on me).  Now that I've made the recipe with the dried parsley, and I like it, I'm not messing with it.  The coleslaw is refreshing, crisp and very tasty.  My husband loves it and he too doesn't like many coleslaws.  I will say that I also only made half of the flour mix for the chicken breading and I also take 4 chicken breasts and cut them in half longways to make them into cutlets.  They fried up faster and were easier to get in your mouth on a sandwich.  This way there was much less flour thrown away.  If you cut your chicken breasts into cutlets like I did this recipe will easily feed 8 people.  1 sandwich with coleslaw on it and chips on the side was more then enough for me.  Oh!  One last thought.  I also put butter/mayo combo on the bread and toasted it on the stove top so that the bun was nice and warm with a little crisp to it.  The best way to eat any sub or sandwich!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy Bake Sale Betty's recipe for Buttermilk Fried Chicken and cole slaw.  I know we do!     

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