Monday, May 6, 2013

Inspired by a Card

One card and a whole lot of inspiration.  I just completed Wilton's Course 3 for Cake Decorating and for the final project we had to cover and design a cake in fondant.  I'm not particularly fond of the taste but I like the ease of working with it when I need something sculpted and for certain flowers.  It's definitely very forgiving...accept when it comes to covering the cake, which I hated doing.  I rolled mine too thin (definitely makes the job harder), and I didnt have enough for covering the cake....OOPS! 
Anyway I bought a box of 30 different greeting cards for all sorts of occasions.  I found this bright, cheery card in the congratulations section.  I tried to emmulate the flowers and colors and overal design idea while still trying to make it my own.  I loved the orange/pink color I got and the green one too.
Here's a look at the flowers I made out of 50/50 gumpaste/fondant.  
I used the smaller of the two daisy cutters.  I tinted two different colors of fondant.  One is just a tad darker and more pink then the other.  I cut out a flower in each color and after using one of the ball tools and making that curled effect on the flowers I glued them together using a pea sized ball of gumpaste disolved in warm water and then brushed it on between the layers of flowers.  For the center I used a piece of lime green and yellow and lightly molded them togehter to form a ball.  Then coated the ball in the gumpaste glue and rolled it in yellow sugar and then glued it to the flowers.  I allowed them to dry for a few hours before using them.
I then made my cake and tinted the rest of my fondant colors.  I used the small round cutter to cut out some circles and the cutter wheel to cut out 1 25" strip in green and 1 25" strip in the darker pink. I used pipping gel to adhere it all to my fondant covered cake.   
Here is my final cake!

Don't mind my cracking fondant! 
You can find inspiration in a lot of different ways!  This time for me it was a greeting card. 
I hope this inspires you to bake something up in your kitchen today! 
Happy Spring, Happy Baking!

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