Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Cupcake Bouquet

A Mum for your mom on Mother's Day.  So I've seen numerous bakeries and blogs doing these cupcake bouquets and I've wanted to do one for the longest time.  What better occasion then Mother's Day to make one.  I bought a terra cotta pot from the local craft store and had my son paint his hand on the pot.  My husband hot glued a bow on it and wa la it was decorated.  I bought a green styro foam ball to place in the pot in order to have something to stick the cupcakes into.  Originally, I left the styro foam ball sticking quite far out of the pot and then realized I'd need a dozen cupcakes to decorate each pot (one for grandma, one for mom, one for stepmom and thats a lot of cupcakes!!!).  That's way too many cupcakes.  So into the wee hours of the night my loving husband cup down the styro foam balls for each pot.  This way I would only need six cupcakes for each bouquet...phew!!!  No last minute baking!  Here's a look at the pot before the cupakes were added.
The toothpicks were where each cupcake was located.  I suggest planning out where your cupcakes will go and placing two toothpicks per cupcake.  In effort to not destroy your cupcakes I also suggest you prepoke the holes for the toothpicks in the bottom of your cupcake wrapper. 
For this bouquet I made carrot cake cupcakes iced in cream cheese icing and then a buttercream mum piped on top.  In the future I will premake some medium consistency buttercream flowers to fill in the gaps.  Another idea would be to fill in the gaps with some mint leaves or other leaf.  Lastly, I found it easier to poke wholes in the cupcake wrappers if the cupcakes were refrigerated.  Here is a link to Wilton's page for how to make a shaggy mum cupcake.  Below is how they turned out. 
Good luck in your cupcake bouquet endeavors and I hope yours goes well! 

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