Monday, August 12, 2013

My Weekends Cooking

Recently we went to our local orchard to pick blueberries and walked out with a haul of blueberries, green beans, peppers, peaches and summer squash.  We also walked away with an apple fritter my husband snuck in the cart.  He also managed to eat it so fast I didn't even get to see it!  But oh how he raved about how good it was.  So I was determined to try to make him something similar.  After I slaved in the kitchen yesterday (just kidding these are so easy to make), my husband says, "they are great, but not the apple fritter I had).  In his defense his apple fritter was almost made with a pie crust?  The ones I made were more like mini donuts. 
So here is the recipe:  Apple Fritters by
The only thing I changed was that I used Bob's Red Mill Organic White flour, homemade baking powder, organic unsalted butter (I use Wegman's Organic Brand), I only used 1 apple which was 1 cup, and I used organic powdered sugar for the icing with organic whole milk.  I found my organic powdered sugar at Trader Joes and Wegman's. 










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